OBC or Open Banking Coin is a digital currency which runs on ethereum blockchain and issued by FaizPay. FaizPay provides alternative to card schemes (Visa / Mastercard etc) by leveraging open banking to provide direct bank to bank transfers. We aim to use this coin in FaizPay echo system to enable our merchants to accept it as a formal method of payment in the near future.


  • Launch – May 2021
  • Listing on Uni swap – June 2021
  • Layer 2 Wallet for consumer – December 2021*
  • Enabling CashBack for consumer in OBC – February 2021*
  • Enabling OBC payment for selected Merchant – March 2022*
  • OBC Trading platform – July 2022*
  • Enabling OBC payment for all Merchant – December 2022*
  • More coming soon

Our Story

FaizPay as company currently operate in UK (expanding to EU soon)to provider alternative payments to the card schemes (Visa / Mastercard etc) using open banking platform. As a company our success depends upon acquiring merchants. We are growing exponentially (by acquiring new merchants and generating payment volume) and we believe we can make a real impact in crypto space by utilising our existing and future merchant network to make OBC truly global currency which is accepted by thousands of merchants in Europe and beyond. FaizPay company which hold 25% of OBC will list 5% of its holding on Uniswap to create a liquidity pool against Ethereum and also will be involved in selling / giving away (cash back / investing perk) OBC as required. We all three founder really believe in OBC and currently hold 75% of supply in between us. We can assure you we will not liquidate our positions to flood the market and hurt the retail and institution believer of OBC.


OBC coins are currently hold by

  • 25 Million – 25% FaizPay
  • 25 Million – 25% Faiz (Founder)
  • 25 Million – 25% Stefan (Founder)
  • 25 Million – 25% Gosia (Founder)