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FAQ about Open Banking

Open Banking is the secure way to give regulated Third Party Providers secure access to your financial information and . You can find OUT more at:
A Third Party Provider is a regulated organisation that can, with your consent, access your account information in order to help you manage it. FaizPay is an authorised Third Party Provider and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.
No. With Open Banking, your login details are safe, as you don’t share them with us. FaizPay will always direct you to your mobile banking app or your bank’s secure Open Banking website which allows you to make a payment without sharing any of your details with us. 
Open Banking uses application programming interfaces (APIs) to allow the software at one company to access information from the software at another company.

Unlike screen scraping, which is dependent on you sharing your login details with an app, APIs allow users to regulate the data they share, with whom and for how long without ever sharing password information.

Only Third Party Providers that are regulated are permitted access to Open Banking APIs.
FaizPay doesn’t store any of your banking credentials. This means that your bank account cannot be breached at any time, even if our servers get compromised.


Simply download the FaizPay app from App Store and Google Play Store and follow the signup process on the app. Start with creating a new account with your email address. Then, fill in the details about your businesses. 

You can also register online on the FaizPay Merchant Portal.
Here is the quick guide on how to take payments via FaizPay – How to take payments as a merchant.
The FaizPay transaction fees start from 0.3%.

For bespoke APIs and integration, additional maintenance fees might apply.


Here is the quick guide on how to make payments via FaizPay – How to make payments via Faiz Pay.

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