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With FaizPay, your business can get paid in-store, online and on-the-go.


Secure and protected

Bank-level security for your online and in-store transactions.


Start accepting account-to-account payments

It’s flexible 

No contracts, no minimum terms

Download the FaizPay Merchant App and register a new account to start accepting payments

It’s affordable

Pay only 0.3% of transaction value in fees 

No setup costs 

No terminal cost

It’s instantaneous

Payments are instantaneous.

Your funds are deposited into your account the moment payments are made.

Get paid in-store

Accept bank transfer payments as seamlessly as card payments for just 0.3% per transaction.

You’ll save up to 85% of your transaction costs when compared to standard card transactions. 



Get paid online

Our online payment products are easy to install. Plus, you only pay a 0.3% fee on the transactions you make saving you over 85% on traditional card payments.

See FaizPay in action. Request a Demo

Always know how much you’ll get.

Once you’re setup, you can start receiving payments directly to your bank account for as little as 0.3% of transaction value.


per successful transaction

£0 Monthly Costs


Free transaction processing credit

  • Instant payout

    No clearing or settlement time – receive transaction payments within seconds on your bank account.

  • Low cost

    No subscription fees, no terminal cost, low transaction fees.

  • Secure payments

    No card numbers or magnetic stripes. Two-step authentication required.

Do you process more than £100,000 a year?

If so, we’d be happy to have a chat with you about how we could tailor our service to fit your business perfectly. Contact us

How to Get Started?

Download the FaizPay Merchant App from App Store or Google Play Store.

Create a new merchant account in less than 5 minutes

Start taking account-to-account payments

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Get paid fast and fair with FaizPay!